Weight loss on a budget


Ooh, gurl, if I had a million dollars! I’d have a personal chef who would make me divine meals with hardly any calories and a personal trainer who would motivate me to move my butt…but I don’t. Which makes me wonder why Oprah isn’t the skinniest woman on the planet by now. Well, there’s your proof. Money doesn’t buy weight loss. I can spend money on myself for clothes, but when it comes to weight loss, I am a penny pincher. After all, it should cost LESS to eat less and walking is FREE so why would I pay money to lose weight?


There are things that I have spent money on in the battle of the bulge. So have you. Pills and supplements, workout gear and equipment, gym memberships, personal trainer sessions, diet foods, exercise DVDs and protein shakes are just some of these. See tip #21 in my Top 25 Weight Loss Tips; everyone is trying to lose weight and everyone else is trying to make money off of them! There is no magic pill. There just isn’t. My doctor has said it; “diet and exercise” is really the healthiest way to do it. And honestly, it’s the cheapest too! But no one wants to hear that. We want to hear that this one thing that was just discovered is the new cure for fat.


So weight loss for free can be yours if you act now! Literally, act now. Get up and move. Move during commercials, take the dog for a walk, do pushups against the counter by the microwave, do leg lifts while brushing your teeth, suck in your belly, lift soup cans for weights, walk a few laps around the grocery store, park further away, take the stairs, fidget in your chair, do jumping jacks, run or flex your arms and pose like Arnold! These are totally free (except for the soup cans and sneakers) and burn calories. Use your own body weight for resistance with squats, lunges, sit-ups, pushups, and pull-ups on monkey bars. Stretching is free too.


Playing sports usually requires equipment, which means money spent. Unless you know that you already like the sport, try renting equipment before you buy or buy second hand if you must own your equipment.


Now a DVD on the other hand is a good investment in my book. You spend $20 or less and get eternal use out of it. Once you learn the moves, you can do it anywhere, even without the DVD. Find some friends who have some DVDs that you might like and create a workout DVD library to borrow from. You will get bored with yours and they will too. Now you can mix it up and avoid spending money on that Zumba class since your friend has the DVD. And they can avoid buying the yoga DVD since they can borrow yours. If you have cheapskate weight loss tips to share, please share the wealth of your knowledge so we can all keep our pennies in our purses!


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