Visualize yourself thin


Although picturing yourself and how good you will look and feel in your skinny jeans once you lose the weight is helpful, that’s not what I’m referring to here. What I mean by visualizing yourself thin is to use your imagination to trick yourself out of those cravings for foods that will sabotage your weight loss.

A warning to the faint of stomach here. You may think that what I am about to describe is horrifyingly disgusting, so please skip this article if you are squeamish. I’ll have other tips for you later on.

I have a few foods that are my weaknesses. Ice cream movie popcorn, soda, and cookies are all pitfalls for me. They are comforting, desirable, and almost impossible to resist, especially if they present themselves to me. You can probably easily think of your own downfall foods. Maybe your list is huge, maybe it’s small. That’s not important. The important thing here is to be able to identify your own favorite high-calorie foods. These are the ones that if someone walked up to you with a plate of, you would inhale them without even a second thought. Give it a little thought and picture them now. Mmm, yummy, right?

Now that you know what those foods are, the second step in this technique requires some imagination. If you are a person who cringes and says “Eww!” when you hear someone talk about something gross, you are already there. No further work is needed. If that is you, skip ahead to the next paragraph. If you’re still reading, you need to work on your visualization techniques. Let’s try a sample visualization. Picture a cockroach crawling across the counter in the kitchen. Now picture it stopping and let’s look in detail at it. Zoom in. Can you see it’s feelers twitching? The little hairs on it’s legs? The darker shell and teeny little black eyes? Maybe there’s some crumbs or sticky substance on its’ legs. Is it making some little noises as its’ legs touch the surface of the counter? Does it smell like garbage? OK I think you get it so let’s move on.

We are going to use a technique that is similar to aversion therapy. You are going to learn to associate something gross with your favorite food. This will help you to learn to have control over the downfall foods. This works very well for me so I hope it’s a technique that you could use as well. Let’s say that you are on track with your weight loss and someone invites you out to a movie where you know that you will popcorn! You have great memories of movie popcorn and it is associated with fun and laughter as well as some delicious warm buttery calories. You would like to resist the popcorn in order to stay on track with your weight loss. Here comes the visualization.

Picture that a cockroach got into the movie popcorn overnight. It crawled all over the popcorn and feasted on it, even laid eggs somewhere in that movie popcorn trolley. I bet you don’t want any now, do you? You’re probably sick to your stomach and about to vomit at the though of eating that. Well, it worked!

Now, you have to learn to control this or you’ll never eat again so remember, before you thought of that cockroach, you would have eaten that popcorn and really, you made up the cockroach. It was never there at all. Movie theaters have measures to protect food and make sure that this isn’t likely. However, that cockroach can come back any time you need help avoiding your downfall foods so use him, with a little caution. Whatever works for you. Someone who made the food and didn’t wash their hands after picking their nose, vomit, etc. Whatever works to make you feel a need to avoid the food. We will need to learn moderation so that we can have small amounts of the foods we love in the future. But we aren’t ready for that yet.


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