Work fewer muscles for bigger weight loss results


If you’re like most women, we don’t want to “bulk up” so we avoid a lot of strength training, although we all want to be toned and lean. We have all heard that muscle burns calories faster and burning calories will help us lose weight. So it makes sense that we need to do some muscle work to get the lean figure that we want and to drop the weight.

I decided that if I focused on the biggest muscles in my body that I would get bigger results with my weight loss. Plus, these muscles tended to be the areas that I needed work with most: my butt, belly, and thighs.


Move your butt

Buttocks, gluteus maximus, tush, rear end, behind, bum, etc. These are two of the largest muscles in the body so strengthening them yields bigger calorie burn and bigger results with less effort. Try it now, squeeze your buttocks together while you sit and read this. Easy, right? You can do this all day long if you want to. I’ve had a very sedentary job most of my life and I love to eat. These tow things led to a lot of my weight gain. So burning calories while sitting made sense for me to be able to add activity into my day to help lose the weight.


Flat tummy

Abdominals, tummy, belly, stomach, abs, etc. The same thing goes for your abs. This is a large muscle group that you can work while sitting still and burn calories. Go ahead and suck in your stomach now. Now do it even deeper. You need to be able to breathe while doing this, don’t hold your breath. Now squeeze them until your stomach is being held in so tightly that you think you can touch your spine with your stomach. Can you feel the burn?

I would do this throughout the day and challenge myself to little contests. “Let’s see if I can hold in my stomach until the end of this song on the radio.” Then I discovered that I felt better results or a deeper “burn” when I held in my abs but released them in little pulses, pulling them in tighter after the release. So the 4 count of a song was “1, 2, 3, 4, release & tighten (in one beat) 2, 3, 4, release & tighten 2, 3, 4.” I could work out while I commuted or at my desk. It was a great way to add physical activity to an otherwise sedentary activity without needing any additional time to workout.

Eventually I bought an inflatable exercise or balance ball and started doing crunches at home in the living room. I loved the way it made my stomach hurt a little. The soreness was a reminder of my goal and losing the fat around my belly which always bothered me. Again, try it now, suck in your tummy. You can do it no matter where you are of what you’re doing. Bravo! You’re working out!

Once I had established this as a habit, it was easy to incorporate it into my daily life and I was adding exercise even without needing to get dressed and go to the gym, without needing time to shower and do my hair, and without sweating. Anyone can do this! I hope you have the results that you are looking for by adding this tip into your daily activity.


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