My top 25 tips for weight loss


1)    Find a partner to challenge you, talk you down when you might overindulge or remind you of how good you’ll feel when you lose the weight

2)    When you have a craving or rush for the vending machine, try to think of something gross to prevent you from eating it (like cockroaches crawling over the food)

3)    Don’t carry any spare change or small bills in your wallet so you can’t get something from the vending machine

4)    Find a substitute that is almost as good as the real thing. Like frozen yogurt for ice cream

5)    Don’t check the scale daily. Your weight can change a lot from day to day. Try once a week or every few days.

6)    Exercise: find it where you can! Do glute squeezes at your desk or in the car, leg lifts while brushing your teeth and squats while waiting for the microwave

7)    Keep a food journal so you can see how much you truly eat daily. Use a calorie count guide to see what your daily average is. Then try to reduce it by 200 cal or more per day

8)    Don’t be afraid to ask other people who you admire how they stay fit or how they’ve lost weight. You might get some good tips.

9)    Read or listen to “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think” by Brian Wansink, PhD

10)  Get your family/roommates to stop sabotaging you by bringing temptation into the house. Tell them that you’re trying to lose weight and ask them top stop bringing home potato chips or other unhealthy snacks

11)  Find your motivator. Does fast music get you moving? Crank up the tunes! Does money motivate you? Place a bet with a friend.

12)  There’s no magic wand. Weight loss is hard work. Commit to it every day. It might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but it will be worth it.

13)  Make rules and follow them. For example, I can eat one piece of chocolate when I get home from work today if I eat a healthy lunch

14)  If you can’t eliminate unhealthy food from the house, make it hard to get to. Put it in a sealed container in the back of the freezer under everything else and wrap it in aluminum foil so it is not visible

15)  Make healthy snacks plentiful and have a big variety of them around.

16)  Find a free online helper like

17)  Get in a swimsuit and take your own “before” photo or have someone do it for you. Post it somewhere you’ll see it and be inspired to take action to be an “after”

18)  Watch inspiring TV like The Biggest Loser and do some exercises while you watch

19)  Trade/share workout DVDs with friends. You get tired of your routine after a while so try something different to keep it fresh

20)  If you hate exercise, find something you do like to do that gets you moving. If jogging isn’t your thing, try cycling, swimming, jazzercise or dancing.

21)  So many people want to lose weight and so many other people want to make money off of them. Don’t fall for product pitches for fast weight loss. There is no magic pill.

22)  Get educated. Read magazines or books on weight lifting, fitness, healthy living, nutrition, yoga, body building, etc.

23)  Don’t deny yourself anything. As soon as you tell yourself that you can’t have a food, you become obsessed with it. Instead, try to limit your intake of it to once every 2 weeks or only 3 bites of it.

24)  When you go to a restaurant, ask for a to-go box as soon as your food comes. Put half of your meal in the box before you even start eating.

25)   Try “Put a contract out on yourself” Set a goal and set a $ amount that you have to pay if you don’t reach your goal.


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